We’re back! Thanksgiving Tips & Tricks

Your favorite organizing gurus are back to get you ready for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. Thanksgiving is one of the most stressful holidays to prepare for. The anxiety that can come with getting your house ready for your friends and family is one that we are no stranger to. Whether deciding on decorations and table settings; or figuring out what exactly you’re serving on the big day, it can all become a trying experience. However, us here at Let Us Organize It wants to make sure your holiday goes as smooth as possible with these top 5 tips for an easy-going Thanksgiving experience:

Tip 1: Organize Your Kitchen!

If everything you need is organized in your kitchen in order of recipe, then you’ll save yourself the stress and hassle of sprinting back and forth while you cook. Quick note: Keep all necessary spices together with meats and dairy products, so everything is right there while you prep.

Tip 2: Pre-Clean Your Fridge and Cabinets.

Not only is this necessary in terms of having the extra space for your fresh ingredients and refrigerated needed meals, but it also helps simplify your shopping. If you go and clean out your fridge and cabinets a week prior, those couple of cans of corn you forgot you bought a month ago just saved you some bucks at the market.

Tip 3: Menu Mania!

Writing out a simple basic menu of the meals you hope to achieve on Thanksgiving day can help out a ton! Use this menu to share with family members, so there aren't any duplicate dishes. You can even use this menu as a visual as you prepare your meals of what you’ve done already and what needs to be done next!

Thanksgiving List
Download PDF • 573KB

Tip 4: Share the responsibility.

I know first hand it can be a little difficult to let other people take the reins on this important day. However, it beats putting all the pressure on yourself. Whether it’s your favorite aunt bringing her famous peach cobbler or your cousin Bill bringing his smoky barbecued ribs, that's one less dish on your plate.

Tip 5: Have Fun!

Knowing how stressful preparing for Thanksgiving can be, it's difficult to remember what it's all about. Thanksgiving is about being with your friends and family and enjoying each other's company, and being reminded of what you are all thankful for.

If you ever find yourself frantic about this particular holiday, remember these helpful tips. If you still find yourself a little stretched thin, you can always reach out to Let Us Organize It to help with your holiday events and plans. Happy Thanksgiving, and we're so thankful for all of you!

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