Storing & Getting Rid of Sentimental Items

Some of us are minimalists, the idea of having too much of anything brings little but stress and anxiety. Then there are those that are a bit more sentimental. For us, it’s easy to form attachments with everyday items that can conjure up a feeling or memory.

When living in a small space, it can be difficult to store everything that may be too sentimental to get rid of. This is the time when we say storage units are the absolute best way to go. However, that doesn’t mean we go back on our opinion of avoiding storage units whenever possible. It would be way too easy to just default all of the sentimental items you don’t have room for into a storage unit, quickly filling up whatever storage space you have and allowing it to become quite cluttered.

When you are going through belongings you find difficult to get rid of, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can someone else still use this?

  • Does someone else need it more?

  • Is the memory of this or a picture of it enough to hold on to?

  • Is there a way to repurpose this?

Before and after of our Bayville, NJ's living room after she purged her home of items she had been holding onto in the name of sentimentality.

After asking yourself these questions, you likely will be able to make decisions on putting stuff into a few piles:

  • Give away or donate

  • Trash (maybe in a ceremonious way with loved ones)

  • Keep to use sparingly

  • Think more about

For more info on where you can donate items, check out our Giving Back blog.

Our client from Bayville, NJ donated over 11 bags to Goodwill!

For things you want to give away but keep a bit closer to home, you should see if any friends need or would want it. If you can remember it enough through a picture, take a cute one! Then keep it in a sentimental box. For items that conjure up a memory, we suggest taking the time to reach out to those included in the memory or revisit the place the memory took place. This will offer much more sentiment than an item itself (we promise).

Any items you intend to keep should be well thought out. Make sure it is something you cannot live without, can still use, AND have room for. Some things you decide to keep after this process you may not have room for, these are the things you should store. Find a small storage unit for a good price in your area and pack your fragile things safely. Remember that if you need to long-term store something, you don’t want to be paying an exorbitant amount for a month-to-month storage unit.

If you find yourself struggling to make decisions throughout this process we encourage you to reach out to us and schedule a consultation to discuss the problems you're facing and make an appointment for us to come help you make those difficult decisions.

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