Printable Checklist for summer cleaning

We think we can all relate to putting off spring cleaning just one more day. And that was in March. Well, now it is June, and the closet has even more coats lying on the floor, and the picture frame you have meant to hang up is still leaning against the wall.

But summer is here, and now you need more room to stow away beach towels, sunscreen, and places for your kids to hide away with the iPad while you are working from home.

Where to start can be the hardest part. But don't worry! Let Us Organize it has created a printable and customizable summer cleaning checklist for getting started. We can help you prepare to “get into the zone.”

Summer cleaning is a great time to downsize, donate, and get rid of any unnecessary items around your house that have acclimated between baseball games and neighbors' kids. We recommend that if it is broken or does not serve a useful purpose, give it a good chuck or put it into a goodwill pile.

This is where you can bring out your inner Monica Geller and get to scrubbing all the fun nooks and crannies of your kitchen and bathrooms. Wiping down appliances and, yes, the toilets do come with summer cleaning.

Here are some tips for what to do for each section:


  • Throw out expired food or household products

  • Throw out broken containers or missing lids

  • Create a goodwill pile for toys or items you do not use

  • Donate clothes that don’t fit

  • Throw away bathroom items you are no longer using or expired.

  • Gather and put away shoes or clothes around your house and apartment


  • Replace old family photos with updated ones

  • Change or purchase throw pillows or blankets

  • Change shower curtain or liner if moldy

  • Restock bathroom supplies

  • Restock items on display in the kitchen such as flour, sugar, soap, etc.

  • Service or replace air vents


  • Remove all food from the refrigerator and wipe it down with disinfectant

  • Deep clean kitchen appliances such as oven, microwave, coffee machine, etc.

  • Wipe oven top and all countertops with disinfectant

  • Remove and wash all blankets and pillow covers from the living room and bonus rooms

  • Vacuum or Swiffer floors

  • Wipe down windows for dust and smudges

  • Polish stainless steel items and appliances

  • Wipe or spray down outdoor furniture


  • Any item or product that may need to be purchased

  • Ideas you come for home design

You can find the printable version below!

Download PDF • 545KB

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