Post-Holiday Organizing Tips

It's never too early to start planning for after holiday clean-up! Get ready to declutter and reorganize your home after all the fun and exciting holiday festivities you’ve divulged over the month. Let Us Organize-It has all the easy tips and tricks that’ll make sure your post-holiday organizing and clean-up goes off without a hitch. Undeck the halls with these great post-holiday organization items and ideas.

Christmas Lights Clean Up

Storing away your Christmas lights can be one of the trickiest of your holiday decorations to put away. The quickest and most inexpensive way to manage them is by placing them in your leftover cardboard boxes and wrapping paper tubes from your holiday presents. For the wrapping paper and cardboard try cutting slits around the edges/surface and intertwine the lights within each slit. Your very own DIY storage container!

Wrap Wrap Away!

We purchase way more wrapping paper than we actually need. So what better way to save money for next year’s Christmas than safely storing your extra wrapping paper away for safekeeping. A cost-efficient and easy way to do this is by placing all your leftover wrapping paper in a garment bag. That’ll make for some extra space in your attic, basement, or even your bedroom.

Make some room

The best way to get started organizing is by looking through your closets, cabinets, and other storage spaces to determine what you have and what you should keep. Although deciding what to get rid of may seem difficult since so many items hold some nostalgic value, it is best to get rid of only items that you no longer need or want. That way you’re clearing out space for all your fabulous holiday additions and getting rid of things that no longer seem to fit your style. Refer to our post on decluttering.

Parents: 1… Toys: 0!

With all the fun things you’ve gotten for your kiddies this year we know that there are tons of toys and gadgets from last year's holiday, they haven’t touched in ages! So tackling the old toys can now make for some extra room for all the new and exciting things they received this year. The best way to get the kiddos to get rid of their old dolls and trucks is by getting them involved in the process of selecting some to donate. Try finding some local charities or family shelters to donate to not on clear out space but more importantly, bring smiles to some beautiful children’s faces.

Finally, the Fridge!

You will almost always find storage bags on top of containers on top of casserole dishes in your fridge after the holidays. Post-holiday food clean-up can become a little chaotic. Sort out all of your food and think realistically about what you eat. If there is anything you can freeze, do it. Make sure all items have their expiration dates. When you finish sorting through your refrigerator's contents, pull everything out and give it a deep clean. Find a new recipe to prepare using leftover ham, turkey, chicken, or whatever you have left from your holiday feast.

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