Packing for a weekend getaway

Happy summer! The start of summer vacation means lots of different things, but one of our favorites is weekend getaways! Whether planned out months ahead of time or completely spontaneous, taking a weekend here and there to relax and enjoy all the summer fun is one of our favorite things to do!

There’s only one issue: packing. It often seems impossible not to overpack or under pack for weekend vacations. But our team at Let Us Organize It is here to help! The following are a few easy ways to maximize space in that ever-shrinking weekender bag.

  • Fold your bras/bralettes into themselves. For bralettes, you can then roll them up into a small, easy-to-grab bundle.

  • Fold waistband of underwear into the center, as if it were in 3 sections and now is 1. Then fold the seat of underwear up towards the center of your waistband. If there is a piece of extra fabric, you can use it to tuck into the folded waistband and create a pocket of sorts.

  • Put all undergarments in a small, separate bag so they’re easy to find. You could use a clutch or small purse you intend to bring on your trip for extra space.

  • Roll outfits together for easy, space-saving grab-n-go

  • If you need to bring shampoo/conditioner or body wash, try to find travel-sized versions of your regular products. Or you can try these reusable travel-sized bottles that you can wash and refill with whatever products you want! These small bottles are made of silicone so that you can squeeze every last drop out of them, AND they fit within TSA carry-on guidelines so that you can bring them on the plane with you to your weekend destination.

  • Keep all toiletries in a separate, sealed bag.

  • Keep hair products and jewelry in their own little bags, so they are easy to find.

  • Put flat shoes on the bottom of your bag, so you don’t have to shove them in later. To keep your bag clean, you can use a plastic grocery bag to hold your shoes.

The finished product for one of our team member’s upcoming weekend adventures can be seen below. After using these tricks, she still has extra room in her bag to pack more if needed!

We hope these tips are helpful when packing for your next trip! Remember that organization isn’t just for your home or workspace; it’s a practice that can be applied to everyday life to help you be efficient with your space and time! Let Us Organize It is here to help you do just that!

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