Organizers Christmas Checklist

With one of the biggest holidays of the year approaching, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the stress of making sure everything runs smoothly as possible. We know the importance of a holiday that goes off scotch-free for organizing enthusiasts. That is why Let Us Organize-It is supplying you with Christmas/Holiday Checklist that’ll make for easy-going and organized festivities.

Budget Your Holiday Expenses

The holidays are not friendly to the pockets whatsoever, so it is best to create and facilitate a budget that does not leave your checkbook screeching towards its end. Attempt to budget your gifts, decorations, holiday dinner, and any other miscellaneous things you know you will need come the big day!

Create a Holiday Party Menu

If you plan on hosting a holiday soiree this year, try creating a menu beforehand. Similar to the menu mentioned in our Thanksgiving Tips and Tricks Blog, that’ll help you keep track of every dish, drink, or treat you plan on making on Christmas Day. Share it with your guests and see if any of them want to add in any other yummy additions to the menu!

  • Click here to download this Let Us Organize It Christmas-themed menu!

Pre Organize Holiday Activities

Whether you plan on staying in this Christmas or going out and enjoying holiday-centered events, it is best to plan everything out to the final detail. This allows you to stay on schedule on all the things you plan to do on a special day.

Buy/Order Christmas Cards or Create a Newsletter

If you are like me and love sending out fun and festive holiday cards during this time of year, it’s best to start early. Start by creating a list of everyone you plan on sending cards to. Try to keep the list small, simple, and updated. The best time to start sending out cards or newsletters involving Christmas time is a little while after Thanksgiving, particularly now is the perfect time to get it done!

Start Decorating Early

Christmas decorating is an activity that should be fun and lighthearted. So save yourself the stress of rushing to get everything done the night before. My advice is to slowly but surely get things put together. Decorate your Tree one day and outside your house another. That way, you’re allowing yourself and/or your family time to soak in all the holiday cheer and excitement that is preparing your home and making it festive for the holidays.

Finalize your gifts and start wrapping!

One of the most stressful parts of Christmas is deciding what gifts to get. Now is the time to start finalizing those ideas and getting as much gift shopping done out the way, so you are not scrambling two days before the holiday trying to find the perfect gift. Another tidbit is, start wrapping as you buy. As soon as you get the chance, wrap the gift you just purchased; that way, it can go directly under the tree as quickly as possible.

Bask in the Holiday Cheer.

This time of the year is meant for laughter and fun. It’s time to spend with your friends and family and celebrate your love for one another in the festivities of it all. So make time to enjoy it all by being a “holiday cheermeister” and relishing in the Christmas spirit.

Happy Holidays from Let Us Organize It!

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