New Year, Newly Organized Life!

Another New Year is approaching which means that it’s time to start dissecting which new year's resolutions we are following through with this year. One new year resolution that we all add to the list at some point in our lives is staying organized! Whether that’s staying organized in our homes, office, or personal lives. Becoming an organized being is something that can enhance your quality of life in terms of less stress, a cleaner environment, and having an aurora of positive energy all around. You might not think just adding a touch of organizational jazz can do this for you but trust me it will. So, in case you need some guidance or supporting how to truly start the new year organized, check out these organizational hacks that’ll guarantee you smash this particular new year’s resolution. We’ve separated our hacks in terms of home, office, and life organizing to make sure you’re getting an idea of where you want to start first.


  • Clean out your junk drawer: Having a junk drawer is even the most organized person's go-to method of placing miscellaneous things, so do not be ashamed if you have one. Just like the drawers, you store your clothes in, your junk drawer needs a little TLC and organizing once in a while as well. Make it a habit of clearing out the drawer at least a quarter throughout the year so 3-4 months at a time.

  • Combating the closet: Cleaning out your closet can be a difficult but necessary task all the way around. The best way to start pushing through and conquering your wardrobe is to start with a good purge. Clear it all out and go through whatever you want to keep or get rid of. Need some in-depth help on how to clean out your closet check out our How to keep a small closet organized blog.

  • Organize your bathrooms: Your bathroom can become one of the messiest rooms in your entire house just by how often it gets used every single day. Being able to successfully declutter your bathroom countertops and cabinets can make for a squeaky clean bathroom going into the new year.


  • Clearing off your desk: Office desks are prone to collecting a variety of work notes,

pens, binder clips and other miscellaneous items that can make our work desks seem quite junky. Try purchasing some helpful desk organization products that can make your work life a lot easier. Check out these affordable desk organization must-haves: Desk tray ;Acrylic Twin Bloc;Multipurpose Organizer

  • Add in some shelving: Shelves can keep your work desk free of overcrowding. You can place your books, folders, papers, or whatever other “messier” office supply items you may use at bay. Adding shelves makes for some convenient space adds a chic flair to your office aesthetic.

  • Label Everything: We’ve talked about labeling on this blog channel, but it is such a pivotal component to organizing that it can never be talked about enough. Labeling your office space can make your everyday work tasks more accessible and more manageable. Label your drawers in filing, pens/pencils, electronic cords, whatever it is that’ll help you in your day-to-day work life.

Your Life

  • Annual Planner:

Planners have honestly saved my life throughout my college career, leading into my professional career and personal life. Having a planner handy, whether digital or physical, can organize all your thoughts and schedules throughout the days ahead. Planners help keep track of all your appointments, meals, and plans. I’ll be using this year is The Self Care Planner from Anthropologie. This planner does all the things I’ve mentioned before and encourages self-care goals and wellness, which we all need in our lives.

  • Organizing your finances: There are many different ways to keep your finances up to date and organized. My favorite way to do this is using various other apps that help minimize my spending, keep track of all my spending and potentially curate savings for myself.

My go-to app for everything is Truebill. Truebill keeps me updated on how much I’m spending and what I’m spending my money on.

  • Organizing your mind and self: An unconventional organizing hack but probably one of the most important ones. Organizing your thoughts and mind can help extinguish the anxiety and uncertainty you may have. I’ve found the best way to organize thoughts is first meditating and then writing. Meditating allows your mind to circulate ideas in your brain, and then writing allows you a canvas to write those ideas down for you to circle back to later on. I usually write down my thoughts in my planner’s self-care section to help fill my planner.

This past year has been an incredible journey for Let Us Organize It. Launching our business and the milestones we’ve achieved couldn’t be possible without all of you! If you need some extra help with organizing your home, office, or event in the new year, reach out to us through our website and schedule yourself a Free Consultation to get your new year started right!

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