Marie kondo inspired cleaning

Marie Kondo is a Japanese organizing consultant who blew up once again in 2019 with her KonMari Method. The KonMari Method consists of gathering all of your belongings, looking through one category at a time, and keeping only the things that “spark joy.” The result will consist of only the things you care for and make you happy. It is an excellent way for people who struggle with downsizing and decluttering to let go of unnecessary stuff they have been holding on to.

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The KonMari Method (in steps):

  1. Gather all your items in your house in the same category together (For example, all the clothes you have)

  2. Look through all your items

  3. Ask yourself if the item brings you joy when you look at it

  4. If yes, keep it. If not, it is time to let go and thank it

Marie Kondo emphasizes saying “Thank you” to your items because treating your belongings with respect and care enhances the spirit of the given object. Thanking an item you are giving away means you are letting go with gratitude, rather than with negativity-negatively or force. This can make letting go a bit easier because you won’t feel bad about removing it from your life.

Let Us Organize It agrees with the KonMari Method that all items in the house should have a designated place, and your job is to make sure it stays there. This will allow finding certain particular objects around the house more accessible since you will have a designated place for the item. We often emphasize this when meeting with our clients!

Letting go of items can be challenging if you easily get attached to everything you own. The KonMari method is a great start to helping you downsize before getting organized.

For more information about how to go about downsizing, check out our blog from last week!

With the help of Let Us Organize It, we can find those designated places and organize all the items for you. By the end of the process, the whole house will bring you happiness.

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