Why did I start Let Us Organize It?

For as long as I can remember, I have always been organized and loved planning events. I get it mostly from my Dad; everything always had a place in the house growing up. (My Mom is also very organized - I need to make sure I say that since she will read this, but it is true) When friends and family would come over, and before you were out of the house, my Dad was already cleaning, putting everything back where it belonged, and vacuuming. His cars are kept in pristine condition, never having ANYTHING on the floors or seats, and cleaned weekly. (By him, because he feels no one can get them as clean as he can) Everything has a place and is put in that place after done being used. He is involved in many clubs/groups, where he is the president of most of them, and often plans activities for the groups or hosting parties at his home. These things and much more have rubbed off on me my whole life. I’ve always enjoyed doing anything that involved planning, logistics, and organizing.

In early 2021 I decided that it was time to put my true passion into a business. I find great joy in organizing my apartments/homes, labeling everything, color coding for easy finding to planning events in restaurants or at my house, etc. Anything that has to do with organizing, planning, and logistics count me in! My professional career was experiential marketing and event planning for various brands and always involved planning & organizing, which I loved. Still, my true abilities/passions weren’t being used in the way I would have liked. I decided to start this business just from the idea of everyone always telling me how organized I am at work and my home and because I love to entertain. Recently my friend Melissa was over and said,” I will pay you to organize my house,” and interesting enough, I had been thinking about starting an organizational business. I took what Melissa said as a sign that I should do it, put myself out there and be a business owner, and doing what sparks joy.

Let Us Organize it was born to help others who want to be more organized and help you with basic needs, consulting on services we offer or taking over and just doing for those who don’t have the time to do it. My goal in this business is not just to do what I love, earn money, and be self-employed but to build lasting relationships with my clients. This way, as your new friend, I can keep my eye on you when you’re not being organized and call you out on it.

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