Let us Organize your life: Intro and daily goals

Let Us Organize Your Life: an organizational lifestyle series where we show you how to get your sh!t together. :)

Our team member, Alyssa, working on her daily goals

Welcome to our new series, Let Us Organize Your Life. Yes, Let Us Organize It’s very own lifestyle blog series to show you how to get your sh!t together. Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE to help you with your organizational & event planning needs, but we didn’t want to stop our organizational expertise there. We firmly believe that success stems from being organized in all aspects of life. From setting daily goals to utilizing a planner, to establishing a regimented routine, having an organized personal life leads to prosperity. Sound overwhelming? Do not fear; Let Us Organize It is here to guide you through your organizational lifestyle journey.

Do you want to feel accomplished every day? Have a sense of fulfillment that sends dopamine to your brain? WE DO! YOU can achieve these senses of attainment by setting personalized daily goals. While setting goals may sound like daunting New Year’s Resolutions (it’s officially halfway through 2021 - how are you doing with those?), personalized daily objectives are a quick, easy, and effective way to check in with yourself each day and begin your organizational expedition.

Start by conducting a quick self-assessment the night before you begin your daily goals. Ask yourself what you need to do tomorrow and what you want to do tomorrow. It can be as simple as needing to do your white load of laundry or wanting to Facetime a friend that you haven’t seen in a while, or as complex as accomplishing the task that your boss asked you to do. Either way, gather your thoughts and write each responsibility down in a trusted place where you can easily access it.

The importance of differentiating need versus want comes into play here: rank your top five goals that you need to accomplish that day. The tasks that didn’t make the top five are not your number one priority, and you should not feel compelled to accomplish those goals that day. By ranking what needs to be done, you subconsciously differentiate each task’s level of importance. If you can complete the rest of your daily goals within the same day, AMAZING, but no worries if you can’t. The goals that you did not achieve that day will be your top priority the next!

Once you have completed your goal, cross it off your list; this is where the dopamine and sense of accomplishment kick in. Be PROUD of yourself! You are officially on your way to a more organized, and in turn, successful life.

Looking for the perfect place to store your daily goals? Be sure to continue reading our next blog in this series, where we show you our favorite goal-oriented book … *hint* Alyssa cannot live without one!

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