How We came up with our logo

If you look closely at our logo, you may notice the elegant outline of an owl. Throughout history and a multitude of cultures, the owl has represented wisdom, change, and mystery. Owls have most commonly been known as creatures of wisdom that, in many Native American cultures, were believed to hold the secrets of the universe. They are also tied to spiritual symbolism surrounding death and bringing about change, transformation, and new beginnings. You can learn more about the symbolism of owls in various cultures at

Our founder, Jen Maher, chose the owl as our logo to reflect the company’s new beginning and transition to running her own business centered around her passion. The owl also reflects our goal of using our expertise and wisdom to help you craft a clean, fresh space that feels like new, enabling you to transform your space and life from being over-cluttered to organized, clean, and refreshing. We want our logo to encourage clients to trust our process and open themselves up to the growth and development that is made possible with an organized space and the creativity and innovation it can foster.

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