How to pack your backpack

When it comes to packing a backpack, there is no right or wrong way. However, your backpack can hold much more stuff when filled in an organized and efficient manner. Before packing, make sure to have everything you need to bring and forget anything at home. Begin packing the more critical and bulkier items you have on the bottom or upright if they’re flat—for example, textbooks, notebooks, even a laptop. Usually, backpacks have a space dedicated to your computer. If there isn’t a sleeve, it is best to carry your computer in a protective case or bag. Flat items should be ordered from tallest to shortest, with the tallest, most big thing being closest to the back. Sometimes, when there is space on the side, cylindrical objects or more extended objects can be placed inside, such as water bottles or pencil cases. They can stand upright in your backpack to prevent spilling or anything coming out.

The best tip to keeping your backpack organized is to keep categorized pouches inside the backpack. For example, cables and chargers can be controlled in one pouch. Band-aids, sanitary napkins, Advil can be kept in another bag.

By dividing your backpack into smaller sections, it can help you locate everything you need just by looking for the assigned pouch. It also prevents forgetting items when repacking because instead of throwing everything inside, you’ll need to go through a mental checklist of what things belong in the pouch and realize if it isn’t there. This method is also excellent for reusing extra pockets if you have them lying around.

To fulfill the maximum capacity of a backpack, be sure to utilize all its pockets. The front pocket, inner pockets, even a back pocket sometimes. Those are great places to put the items you need access to most. Keys, wallets, and hand sanitizer are some very common items that people need to reach for often so they definitely belong in the front pocket. We hope some of these backpack organizing ideas can help you pack a little more efficiently the next time you go out!

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