How to organize your car

Do you ever get in your car or someone else’s and immediately feel like there is no room for anything because of everything they have in it? Well if you do then you are not alone. Whether you are going to be in the car for a short or long time it can feel uncomfortable. One quick, easy, and efficient way to help with that feeling is by organizing your car.

Everyone has probably thought about cleaning and organizing their car. They probably have also thought about what they need to buy and where they need to start in order to achieve this clean organized car.

Finding the motivation to start is always the worst part, but once you take the initiative, it is easy to finish the process.

Listed below are two easy steps on how to go about cleaning and organizing your car

Step 1: Clean Your Car

  • Throw away any trash and take out extra items that are not needed in the car

  • Use an all purpose spray, windex, and duster to wipe down the inside of your vehicle.

  • After you wipe everything down, take your car somewhere to get it vacuumed or just use a portable vacuum at home.

Step 2: Start to Purge

  • Go through all of the extra stuff left in your car and think about what you need most inside it

  • Get rid of any unwanted/unnecessary items

Once your car is cleaned and you know what you need to keep inside it, you can start the organizing process! Below is a list of possible items that may be in your vehicle and need of organization. Those items will be good organizational supplies to help keep everything in place (Amazon will be your best friend for shopping!!).

Items/Organizational Tools:


Emergency Kit (First Aid & Car Emergency)


Kids Items


Now, if you need to keep extra trash bags, tissues, wipes, etc., in your car, you can keep those items in the trunk organizer. If there is no place for something to be put, it is not supposed to be in your car! Those are just a few options to help you keep your vehicle clean and organized.

Taking the time to clean and make sure your car is organized will be beneficial in the end. Doing this one to two times per month is a great way to keep your car looking fabulous!

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