How to keep a small closet organized

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Maintaining an organized small closet can be difficult when you have many pieces of clothing and things to store away. Multiple members of our team own very tiny closets that don’t fit much, some of which are pictured above. Here are some tips and products we love that can help manage your large amount of clothing in a small space: 1. Clothing Rack

Having a clothing rack in your room can add some space for your tiny closet to hold more clothes. Some people may display their favorite clothing items to add spice to their room. Jackets, hoodies, bags, and more significant pieces are perfect to put on display on your clothing rack. A clothing rack can be both practical and decorative. One popular and affordable option is the Mulig rack from Ikea.

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2. Multitier Hangers

Multitier hangers can be a huge space saver while keeping all your clothes organized in your small closet. They can hang up to 4 or 5 clothing items, utilizing closet vertical space rather than horizontal rack space. You can also categorize multitier hangers to hang only button-up shirts, cardigans, blouses, and even pants. Some great options would be Doiown Blouse Tree Hanger, Magic Pants Hanger, or the Steel Wonder Hanger which you can attach hangers on to.

Our favorite hangers to use in conjunction with these multitier hangers are felt/velvet hangers. Our team is obsessed with these hangers because they keep your clothes from slipping off their hangers AND take up less space than bulky plastic hangers, allowing you to hang more in your closet.

3. Categorizing your clothing

Every person has a different way of organizing their closet to be the most efficient for them. Some organizing methods could be by color, size, or both! Sectioning your closet by categories can make searching for clothing a lot easier.

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4. Decluttering Periodically

As you purchase more clothes, you should also consider donating or selling the old clothes to make room for the new ones. Try setting a day to try on most of your clothing items and make a donate, sell, and maybe pile. After organizing everything, you can decide what you’ll keep in your small closet. More information about how to go about decluttering can be found in last week’s blog!

We hope these tips and tricks can help with your small closet organization. If you still find yourself at a loss for where to start or how to manage your space, we are here to help! Schedule your free consultation with us today to get started on your journey to having a beautiful, professionally organized home!

Photos: Team Members of Let Us Organize It.

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