Dresser Organization Tips

Coming into the new year, I know we are all wondering how exactly we will keep up with our new year's resolution of staying organized. The best way to follow through with your new year organizational goals is by starting with simple tasks such as organizing your dresser. Organizing your dresser will create space for new stylish additions and easier access to all your favorite pieces. Here are 5 Let Us Organize it approved tips for organizing your dresser!

  • Empty your drawer

A very crucial and necessary first step when organizing your dresser. Removing all clothing articles will allow you to sort through all of your clothes and ultimately decide through items you would like to keep or discard as well. Also, if you’re feeling up to it, take a rag and wipe down the inside of your drawers to get them ready for your freshly clean clothes.

  • Organize your clothes by category

The best way to get and keep your dresser organized is by separating your clothes into a specific category. Try dedicating a drawer on your dresser to a particular item of clothing. For example, have a drawer just for your T-Shirts or even a drawer just for your undergarments. You can separate them in any fashion you would like, even by color coordination. Overall that’ll give you an idea of where certain pieces are in your drawer and cut out any need to scavenge through trying to find a specific item.

  • Use Drawer Organizers

Getting drawer organizers to separate your smaller and more delicate articles of clothing can be a huge game-changer when keeping your drawer organized. The addition of drawer organizers to your dresser will help keep track of socks, undergarments, belts, etc. Drawer organizers come in different shapes and sizes, so you can have that’ll fit the setup of your dresser perfectly.

  • Perfect the art of folding

Finding specific techniques that work for you when folding your clothes can make a massive difference in the organization of your drawers. After working in retail for 4+ years as a floor associate, I know firsthand the importance and difficulty of making sure your clothes are folded correctly. It is best for shorts, shirts, and underwear to fold them vertically, similar to a file folder. As for any other cotton-on linen, items try the rolling method. First, fold them vertically and then start rolling from the bottom upwards.

  • Keep up the excellent work!

I know it can become a slippery slope to keep with staying organized and keeping your home organized, so do not get discouraged if you fall short sometimes. Bookmark this blog and circle back to it whenever you need a refresher on keeping your dresser organized.

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