Back to school: how to stay organized during the school year

Going back to school can be exciting, stressful, and nerve-racking. Your emotions all depend on how you choose to go about handling your school lifestyle. The school year can be a super busy time for students and parents. One of the best ways to handle this stress is to be organized.

Organization is going to be the key to success in school and life. It is going to help you plan your time better which will allow you to gain some free time, sleep better, and feel more at ease in life.

This blog is going to help not only students but also parents with being organized during the school year. We are going to be talking about tips, tricks, and tools that will help you feel like you have a hold on your life during the year. Below we will mention a list of tools and then follow up with why these tools are useful and how to use them.

Below are tools that will help a student stay organized:

  • Planner

  • Laptop

  • Folders and binders with labels

  • Colored pens

Ways a student can use these tools:

  1. Getting a planner will allow you to start writing everything down. Writing everything down helps you not have to remember something mentally and instead actually look at it. This will help you not forget what is due and what you have to do.

  2. A laptop is going to help maintain all of your schoolwork in one area. You can create a folder for the school year, and then within that folder, you can create folders for each of your classes. This will allow you to put all your work for specific classes inside those folders, making it easy to find.

  3. Folders and binders with labels will help keep all of your paper documents in one area. Labeling them will help you find the folder or binder you are looking for more efficiently. Also recommended is that you put the documents in order from newest to oldest for each binder or folder, with the class schedule always being the first paper.

  4. Colored pens will help you stay organized by knowing what is what when looking at a calendar. Each class should have a particular color and should keep that color for the year. Every time you see the color blue, you will know it has something to do with whatever class is assigned that color.

  5. Another helpful tip for students is to get into a routine. Use your planner to set up a schedule and a weekly routine that will stay consistent. If something comes up, you already know your schedule in advance and can make adjustments.

Below are tools that will help a parent stay organized:

  • Large Calendar

  • A place to keep all lunchboxes and after school activity bags

Ways a parent can use these tools:

  1. A large calendar will help the parents and kids see what they have for the upcoming weeks. Everyone in the household should have a specific color that all their activities are written. This will keep everyone in the loop and will allow the family to plan.

  2. Another way for a parent to stay organized is to pack/ get everything ready for the next day, the night before. Packing lunches, laying out outfits, getting the after-school activity stuff packed. These are all things that should be packed and ready to go the night before so the next day, you are prepared and not stressed trying to gather everything.

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