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Our Services

Project Management

  • You need someone who can handle the project's complex or not-so-much tasks; we have you covered.

  • There's no big or small task that we can't handle!

  • As your project managers, we specialize in helping you:

    • Build Project Sheets​

    • Build Contact Lists

    • Connect and research with Vendors

    • Or help you develop your Business Plan

    • Your go-between-er for everything you need to get the project done

  • Project Management is our specialty to provide you with a project plan to help you stay organized and stay on track to meet your personal or business goals.

  • Applications we specialize in managing are:

    • Asana


    • Google Sheets

    • And More

Event Planning

  • Do you need someone who can juggle getting you all the:

    • Vendors

    • Favors

    • Marketing and Invitations

    • Music and Entertainment

    • And everything else that needs to be organized for you without the headache.

  • Create an event that will inspire your business, employees, and organization to the next level by having a team working with you to meet your marketing and company goals.

  • Drive engaging, interactive, and lead-generating events within your community of associates to a fully branded and tailored event that fits you and your company's personalized needs.

  • Connect your company brand and event to vendors in your local or larger communities through multiple promotional distribution platforms.

Social Media Management 

Website Design 

  • Create engaging Social Media Campaigns for your company platforms and establish connections to create events that are either in-person or online events.


  • We specialize in using these platforms to analyze social media analytics:

    • Google Analytics

    • Meta/Facebook/Instagram Business Suite

    • Hootsuite


  • Or consult with you about what you could do better to promote yourselves on specific online platforms effectively.

  • Customize a website that represents you and your brand with effective SEO, graphics, user flow, and experience to get your business, club, or group up and running!


  • We specialize in creating websites with the following:

    • Wix

    • Squarespace

    • Shopify


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